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Success Story: Jisan

Jisan’s Story

Bangladesh is a role model for development to the rest of the world. Rapid infrastructural development works are being undertaken throughout the country but in some regions, still, it suffers from a critical lack of adequate phy

sical infrastructure, health-care services and economic opportunities, resulting in some of the world’s most significant barriers to safe surgical care for its citizens. It also means rough roads which leads from the rural community of Purbo Masimpur, Dowarabazar, Sunamgong to the historic Sylhet town. Though the physical condition of the highways are the same for everyone who travels, the round trips about 150kms made by Shely bugum and her son JISAN were among the most challenging.  Jisan was born with a cleft lip 11 months ago.  Jisan’s father Md Azad miah is a small scale seasonal businessman in the locality and not educated neither has sufficient financial resources to provide necessities for his family. Jisan’s mother Shely Bugum is a housewife.

When Jisan was born with Cleft Lip the family was totally heartbroken also suffered social hardships. As the extended families and relatives offered little, if any, emotional support, they became the target of insults and blame from some of their neighbors for having birthed a child with a cleft condition. While these words infuriated both of Jisan’s parents it also hardened them and they were determined to find a surgical solution for their son to give him the chance to pursue an education without it being derailed by cruel treatment from his peers. Jisan’s parents didn’t know nor had any knowledge on Cleft lip and palate before his birth. A few months after Jisan was born they got to know from one of their family friend who they regard as a brother that surgery team from Dhaka conducts camp and provide free operation for children with cleft conditions in Sylhet town at Ibn Sina Hospital but didn’t know the exact details and date. After he got this information he immediately travelled to Sylhet town about 80 kms from their home to find out more. He was so very happy to find out that the next cleft camp at Ibn Sina Hospital Sylhet is scheduled on 24 February 2017 which is next month. Both of Jisan’s parents were happy, excited and could not wait for the day to arrive, they were counting days.

Finally the day arrived when Jishan received the life-changing procedure which had proved to be so elusive. When Jisan’s parents saw Jisan for the first time after surgery, they were overjoyed by the fact that their son would look like all the other children in their community. After that day Jisan truly began his journey toward becoming cleft-free. Jisan’s parents marveled at the care and attention received during the camp and was amazed by the love and care the doctors and coordinators showed the patients and their families that they are happy to share Jisan’s story with everyone they meet.

On behalf of Jisan’s parents SNAD Foundation Bangladesh takes up the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Smile Train and BSRM Group of Companies for providing support for life-changing surgery and beautiful new smile for the children in need.