SNAD Foundation Bangladesh

Smile Train Ibn Sina Hospital Cleft Project

Comprehensive Cleft treatment, Surgical Camp and Community Awareness



Project Name: Smile Train Ibn Sina Hospital Cleft Project

Project Duration: June 2011 – ongoing

Project Location: Sylhet, Bangladesh

Partner Hospital: Ibn Sina Hospital Sylhet Limited.


SNADF has been providing surgical support free of cost and have changed the lives of approximately 4500 children till June 2021 with assistance from Smile Train USA. Together we are creating a future where all the children have a chance to SMILE and SUCCEED!


Free cleft surgery: A cleft lip and/or palate is the most common craniofacial abnormality, which means problems to do with the skull and face. Poverty makes it impossible for most of the cleft patients in Bangladesh to get any surgical help. Their deformed facial structure keeps them from attending schools or finding jobs. These patients are unfortunately, always neglected; especially girls. When a baby is born with cleft, the mother is blamed as being cursed or of having done something wrong while pregnant to cause her baby’s deformity. Surgery is expensive; therefore, it’s not an option for poor families. Most parents are also unaware that the deformity is treatable. Most of these unfortunate children live their lives in shame – unable to eat properly, talk, go to school and are taunted by many. Many children born with cleft are abandoned at birth by their parents. Most parents are not aware of what should be done when their children are born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate. These children alienate themselves from society and may ultimately become social burdens. A simple surgery can change the life of a child forever. SNADF through a dedicated team of expert plastic and reconstructive surgeons has been working for the poor children with any anomalies in Bangladesh.

Cleft awareness program: To provide proper information and aware future generation as well as family and community SNADF conducts health education sessions at Union Health Centers in different regions of Bangladesh. In addition, SNADF conducts consultation sessions in the district level with government, non-government, civil society representatives, journalist and other stakeholders on the issues of cleft lip and palate. Towards mass awareness, sensitization and appropriate information dissemination SNADF produces and distributes poster, leaflet and brochure on the issues of cleft lip/palate and craniofacial treatment.