SNAD Foundation Bangladesh

Syed Nuruddin Ahmed

  • Mr. Syed Nuruddin Ahmed is the honorable Chairman of SNAD Foundation Bangladesh. It is a name well known in the development sector who has demonstrated extraordinary characteristics of leadership and commitment, and acts as an inspiration for the organisation and for other industry professionals. Mr. Ahmed studied at the University of Dhaka where he completed his Honors and Masters in Commerce and Management. He began his career as a research assistant for a project of USAID on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh. As a man of extraordinary talent and unrelenting dedication towards his work, he made steady progress, and in a few years he became a senior manager to a management consultant and received his first international assignment for an ADB project in Cambodia. Later, he established his own company, SN Associates, where he was responsible for overall direction and implementation of numerous projects funded by international donors and government agencies. As a veteran with unprecedented skills, goodwill and expertise, he had already made a firm reputation in the global consulting industry and was nominated to represent Maxwell Stamp in Bangladesh and many other countries in South and South East Asia. Mr. Ahmed’s portfolio of working with several leading international donors includes: DFID, DFAT, USAID, UKTI, ILO, IFC, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, ADB, WB, JICA and IDB. As the Managing Director of MSL, his project experience spans through continents and includes countries like: Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Cambodia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Nepal, Qatar, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyz Republic.

    Apart from his role as a development professional, Mr. Ahmed is also a dedicated social worker. With the thirst to bring change into the world and the urge to do something for the underserved and underprivileged community of Bangladesh, SNAD Foundation Bangladesh (SNADF) was founded in 2008 under his leadership and has been serving the people of Bangladesh. 

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    Managing Director - Maxwell Stamp Ltd.