SNAD Foundation Bangladesh

Upcoming: ‘Nest’ Senior Citizen Home


Sep 2019


“Nest” – Senior Citizen Home

A place everyone long to be.

A home for living a purposeful life, surrounded by friends & people who Care, Support and Respect, till death arrives.


Reality of Life

Old age is a natural part of life that should be readily accepted, attended to, and integrated with the many other elements that ultimately construct and define our lives.


Driving thoughts: NEST

Life is like a river, flows with time not knowing when and where it would end.  Life walks holding the hand of ‘ageing’, an unavoidable and universal process of human life, while eroding its energy at every step, until branded as ‘older generation’.

If lived for a long time life enters the era of ‘disability’ becomes burden to the family, friends and society – at youth who was valued highly, becomes worthless at old age.


Nest: Demand of today

In Bangladesh, there are many elderly parents left behind by their children who went abroad for better life.

In a few case parents are looked-after by nurses. 

When death news reaches them, some could make to the burials.


Nest aspires:

Providing ‘personal care support’ given at home with the feeling of    independence as independent as one can be,

Be a guardian providing home, health care and most importantly companionship,

Support activities of daily living (ADL) like dressing, bathing, playing, driving, visiting family & friends or even shopping,

Assisting seniors grow old living a happy and dignified life.


Nest Personal Care Support consists of:

  1. Housing
  2. Food
  3. Clothing (reasonable)
  4. Health Care (counselling, physiotherapy to hospital

     services including medicine, foreign treatment- own)

  1. Experience enhancement opportunities: social

    interaction – visiting family, friends, shopping,

    doing business, volunteerism and community work

  1. Recreation to include: Reading, Games, Cooking,

    Gardening, Fishing, Gymnasium ……….



An ‘extended home’ that allows seniors:

  • Retain their independence
  • Receive compassionate long term health, nursing, aged care leading to respectable living with utmost commitment through innovative practices, offering opportunities for social interaction, recreation, volunteerism and community activism.
  • Lead a Joyful Life and Die in Peace.